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A teenage girl aged 15 came to Hong Kong in 1975 to join her mother and make Hong Kong as her new home. Watching her mother running Korean restaurant under Lee Fa Yuen at that time, she started to appreciate the taste of Korea and dreaming someday, she can have her own Korean restaurant just like her mother.
After finishing her school abroad, she decided to come back to Hong Kong to learn more about her mother’s secret recipes for success and finally opened up her own and made her dream come true.

Kim’s Spoon is the latest brand launch for Maxearn Group. Their aim is to provide stylish and yet authentic Korean casual dining experience to many Korean foodlovers... Having raised and lived here since 1975, she wished to convert Korean traditional dining experience into more contempory style cuisine for many Korean foodlovers. With this in mind, she first opened Korean casual dining restaurant under Baab (Han Sik Ga) in Olympian City in 2006 and continue to expand in other shopping malls.

Kim’s Spoon is now available in Megabox, Fitfort (North Point) and Nam Fung (Tsuen Wan). With its variety of choices from their a la carte and tea set menu, a wide demographic of customers can enjoy an authentic and modern Korean dining experience.

With a Korean Executive Chef and Korean management team as support for the restaurant operations, Kim’s Spoon will continue to grow and thrive while offering the best contemporary Korean dining experience in Hong Kong.